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Letter: Boehner, Mills are out of touch with the common person

I see in the Pioneer that U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner is coming to Minnesota to raise funds for Stewart Mills, who is running for Congress.

You remember Boehner? He’s the guy who was in charge of the U.S. House for the federal government shutdown of 2013. During the shutdown you couldn’t visit the Statue of Liberty or a National Park or talk to Social Security but Boehner and the rest of Congress still got paid, $174,000 a year or more.

You remember Boehner? He’s the guy running the House for 50 votes to repeal Obamacare, leaving the people at the mercy of insurance companies (isn’t that a funny idea?) so they could go back to denying coverage for pre-existing conditions and dropping you if you get sick.

You know Mills? He’s a vice president at Mills Fleet-Farm, see the name? His personal fortune is estimated at between $40,000,000 and $150,000,000. Wow. That’s a lot of zeroes. He got his money the old fashioned Republican way, he inherited it.

Well, these guys are raising money to buy your vote. They are rich enough to buy anything else that they want, why not that?  So you ask yourself: “What do they have in common with a working person getting by on a limited income?” Good question.

Oh, I see the invitations to the fundraiser are going to members of the Gull Lake Yacht Club. I didn’t get one.

Joel Ward