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Johnson understands needs of all Minnesotans

The Republican primary is a few short days away and Republicans will be choosing who to put up against Gov. Mark Dayton. In my mind there is only one candidate who can beat Mark Dayton -- Jeff Johnson.

Jeff has rural roots (born and raised in Detroit Lakes) and metro knowledge (Lives in Plymouth area, current Hennepin County Commissioner), giving him the knowledge of issues that face not just rural (taxes, jobs, training, ag, roads, infrastructure), or not just metro (taxes, jobs, training, roads, infrastructure, met council) but knowledge about how policy affects all of Minnesota. You see, a number of the highest priorities for rural and metro taxpayers and families overlap each other with each have unique ways they affect the other. Jeff understands this more than any other candidate in the race.

Jeff Johnson bringing on Bill Kuisle strengthens his team with the extensive agricultural, tax and transportation background from Kuisle's legislative and policy making experience in those areas. Some will say they have the rural experience; some will say they have the outside experience; some will say they have gender experience. I say give me a team with a balance of all experiences and the best team for Minnesota -- that team is Jeff Johnson and Bill Kuisle.

As a graduate of Bemidji State University who has spent half my life in rural Minnesota and half south of the Twin Cities, I will be casting my vote for the Johnson/Kuisle team that will bring common sense, fiscal sanity and effective government back to St. Paul in the primary and general election in Minnesota. Join me in voting for Johnson for governor on Aug. 12.

David Anderson