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Claesson-Huseby has impressive record

This letter is to support Annie Claesson-Huseby for County Attorney of Beltrami County. I have known Annie for 15 years -- we were classmates in law school. In the years since we graduated, Annie has represented the county in district court with great aplomb. If you review the archives of this august newspaper, you will find many examples of Annie working on behalf of Beltrami County in complex cases.

I want to call your attention particularly to Annie's record in the Minnesota Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. For this letter, I reviewed 16 cases going back to 2006. I removed

duplicative cases, and do not include one pending case. With that in mind, I can say that Annie's record is impressive: 15 wins and one loss. In my experience, very few attorneys outside the Twin Cities can claim a record that impressive.

Annie 's experience in the District Court, the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Minnesota is important because the county attorney is a leadership position. After she is elected, Annie will be responsible for mentoring the junior attorneys in the office and preparing them for leadership roles.

By electing her, you will ensure that Beltrami County will have great county attorneys for years to come. I invite you to vote for Annie, because the record indicates she is the best choice for county attorney.

Jeremy Feilmeyer

Shakopee, Minn.