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Proliferation of wolves threatens deer population

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says the survey they took during the winter of 2012-13 found that we have 2,211 wolves and 438 wolf packs and hundreds of lone wolves. Then the DNR says there were 2,600 pups born this last spring.

We were supposed to have about 1,600 wolves. Now we have 4,811 wolves with 438 wolf packs. The wolves will take a deer per week and if it is a small deer then they will take two per week. Close as I can figure that is 438 deer per week, or 1,752 deer per month, or 20,784 deer per year. The DNR says we went back to the doe permits to build up the the deer herd. How can you build up the deer herd when the wolves will kill 20,000 or more per year?

Yes, last winter and late spring were hard on deer, but the wolves had a ball running deer down in the deep snow and killing them. Just remember the does they dragged down were carrying a fawn or two.

I would like to see the DNR post, by month, how much of the taxpayers' dollars are spent on a government-sanctioned program that targets wolves near where livestock have been attacked. With this many wolves in a small area, they will start to lose their fear of man. Then look out. I worry about kids or other humans being eaten alive. Yes, it happens in Alaska and the Northwest Territories. I have talked to many hunters and they all say the same thing. Too many wolves. A pack of wolves went through where I hunt and you couldn't find a deer.

Lloyd M. Boe