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Building projects sadden BSU graduate

With the stroke of a pen just wipe away years of history and memories. I am shocked to read that Bemidji State University is planning to tear down Hagg-Sauer Hall. That building was just being finished the spring of 1973. That is where all the BHS graduates got into their blue caps and gowns for commencement. My daughter graduated from TrekNorth there.

I am equally saddened at the proposed changes to Sanford Hall and M-100. I have a picture of my parents sitting on those steps taken in 1945. BSU is my alma mater. I graduated twice from there. I also attended grade school, K-6 there are the lab school. Most all of my schooling has been on that campus except for six years at Bemidji Junior High and Bemidji High School. BSU is also my son's alma mater.

When we were at the graduation breakfast this spring in the lower student union I praised how that part of the campus has not changed. It looks the same as it did when I went to college there in the 1970s. I could easily show my son where I always sat with the fraternities and sororities. My other son attends the University of Minnesota. The first question I asked him was to tell me about the oldest building on campus. In my opinion Deputy Hall should still have the high ceilings and creaky wooden floors.

Why must so much history always give way in the town for progress? The only alma mater that the BHS graduates have left is the gym at the Boys and Girls Club. Shame on you, BSU, for not considering the history of our campus when remodeling.

Sandy Bean