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Global warming gets another testimonial

The religion of global warming has just had another testimonial by Amy Goodman (April 5 commentary). The theory that she presents is presented as fact. Calling a theory a fact does not make it true.

The governments of the world do love global warming. The poorer countries play on the guilt of the wealthier ones so they can develop some type of emissions tax. The wealthier countries' governments love global warming because what better way to control your people? Going against the edicts of global warming will cause death and destruction to future generations. And if we wait, all of us will be dying in a superheated world or an ice age.

I have lived long enough and watched both predictions turn out to be hogwash. Once as a child terrified that an ice age is coming and more recently that New York City was going under water. So far neither has happened. The governments just want control, and of course they also need your money so they can do research, because as we all know the government is the pinnacle of efficiency.

In my humble opinion global climate change advocates want your taxes and your freedoms.

Susan J. Anderson