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'Pinocchio' production shows off area's talent

The audience was absolutely enthralled by the magical performance brought to us by the crew and cast of "My Son Pinocchio" on opening night March 28 at the Paul Bunyan Playhouse.

One cannot imagine a more wholesome or endearing event as we witnessed first-hand, from auditions to opening night, with the end result of the on-stage miracle produced by wonderful and talented people in our very own midst. Last night, the stars were perfectly aligned, and each of us had occasion to "Wish Upon a Star" with a youthful cast of beautifully capable kids and talented young adults from our communities.

We must give all due credit to such generous individuals as director Mary Knox-Johnson, music director Karen Bradley, accompanist Wayne Hoff, makeup and property designer Kristine Cannon, and the entire artistic and production staff. Dwayne Johnson and the set construction crew made possible the visuals of the magical moments created before our eyes within the inventive and captivating stage set. Yet it was Mr. Johnson who said it best: "It's all about the kids." And so it was.

Those moments belong to the kids, who, through their thoroughly convincing characterizations, transformed our universe into a wonderland of happiness made possible right here in our community through live theatre.

Do get to the Paul Bunyan Playhouse to experience the magic of live theater staged by incredibly talented adults and youth who gave their all in a coming together of wholesomeness that cannot be described by mere words. You must partake of this moment in time, and you, too, will find yourselves wishing upon a star in ways only you can imagine.

Cathy and Joe Vene