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Letter: Identify likely bullies, then enforce penalties

The state should not be defining which groups of students are most likely to be bullied. The state needs to identify which types of persons are most likely to become bullies, then adopt a zero tolerance policy with regard to its penalty. When the state makes an attempt at identifying which groups or group is most likely to be bullied they are just segregating one from the other.

There was a time in America when one group of people was segregated from the rest and believed to be lesser than the others. This erroneous belief system led to the policy of slavery and many atrocities were made in its name. Please make no mistake for this writer does not seek to equate slavery with the issues of the past.

Inevitably when any body of persons tries to separate itself from another group someone is always left without a chair when the music stops. The oldest form of segregation is the class system. In the class system the most notable form is the separation of rich and poor, haves and have nots.

When bullying takes place in school, or elsewhere, it’s most likely the strong versus the weak. The only real difference in school is the ugly duckling syndrome which enlightens the fact that most kids have not reached their strongest form until after school, some later than others. No child is ugly or weak, only their supervision held in trust.

A supervisor should never identify one group need over another’s because one will always be left out. If people keep supervising the segregation then inevitably we will separate ourselves and in the end all will become morally and spiritually bankrupt because they will not be able to find where they truly belong. The logical conclusion of moral and spiritual bankruptcy will be the bankruptcy of Mother Nature herself.

The state needs to show our children that they are our greatest social and economic asset by identifying and enforcing the penalty for bullying. They need to quit wasting our time and money debating who is most likely to be bullied because all persons have the potential to become a victim of bullying. The bullying itself is gaining momentum so by identifying the persons most likely to bully in schools and then enforcing the penalty we will stop the bully’s kinetic energy and they will hit a dead end.

Andrew M. Grage