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Letter: Don't confuse "climate" with "weather"

The letter in Sunday's Pioneer criticizing the government for spending on global warming makes a very common error. It says that one only has to look at Minnesota's weather to see that global warming is a hoax.

The writer makes the mistake of confusing climate and weather. What we are experiencing now is an aberration in weather. Weather is the day-to-day experience; climate is the overall average of weather of a long period. To say what is "climate" needs the collection of specific data over the whole globe over a long period of time.

In fact, some of the estimates of the effect of global warming say that some areas of the world may actually experience a lowering of average temperature as the result of global warming as it may change ocean currents which now warm some parts of the world.

One cannot judge global warming by looking out of the window. It is much more complicated than that. It needs the extensive collection of data over a long period, and that costs money.

Donald J. Pearce