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Letter: Snow plow and mail drivers are appreciated

In the midst of this bitter cold and heavy snow, I wanted to take the time to thank all our men and women who keep our roads clear and deliver our mail. And a special thanks to the fellow who plows Midvalley Lane Northwest, and the mailman and woman who deliver there as well.

I am very impressed and thankful for our city/county plow man. He somehow managed to plow in such an expert way as to not leave that lump of snow you always see at the end of driveways. You know what I mean, that lump as high as Mount Rushmore and as hard as rock. And it looks as though he managed to leave most everyone's driveway lump free!

I am also thankful for our mailman and mailwoman who delivered the mail these last few days in this crazy weather. I really appreciate their dedication. Thank you all for keeping up the hard work even in the midst of such harsh weather.

Megan Meixner