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Letter: Some issues are easy to resolve, if you don’t use your head

I just finished reading the letter from Alan Maki (Nov. 28) wanting to put an end to poverty. I thought, “yeah, I’m for that’! Mr. Maki is suggesting that politicians run on a platform of introducing a “21st Century Full Employment Act for Peace and Prosperity”, where government would “assume full responsibility for attaining and maintaining full employment”.

I’m not sure if he is naïve, or just uniformed (or both). Does he honestly believe government can solve the unemployment issue by simply “mandating full employment”? Why didn’t I think of that. Some issues are so easy to resolve, if you don’t use your head.

A couple of quick notes for you Alan: 1. The government does not have any money. It gets its money from the producers in this country (through taxation). 2. If you haven’t been up on the news or your reading lately, this government has been currently spending about a $1 trillion more than it takes in with taxes each year (that $1T is created out of thin air by the Federal Reserve and passed on to us, the taxpayers, in the form of debt).

We are currently printing money to pay the interest on that debt (while adding more debt). So with that said, how do you expect to pay all the salaries in your “full employment” fantasyland? (remember, the government has no money of its own). I’m only to assume you would have the government “mandate all private businesses hire more people” since we now know the government can’t pay them (it is impossible to tax enough to make your fantasyland work). Are you a business owner? How would you handle that mandate? Please explain how that will work?

I know how it would end. My advice, Mr. Maki: Please don’t ever run for any political office; you’ll give politicians a bad name (wait, that was funny). I would also suggest brushing up on your economics just a tad.

Steve Pemble