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Letter: Satirical letter brings light to mushrooming welfare state

My thanks to Mr. Peske for his enlightened piece of satire about “HillaryCar” in the Nov. 15 Opinion page. It is a must read for anyone who is concerned about our mushrooming welfare state. His vision and foresight for our future done in a fabulous comical and satirical fashion was par excellence. It certainly managed to get the hay down where the calves could get at it in a truly entertaining manner.

Grab your copy folks and give it a whirl if you missed it. Mr. Peske’s contribution is one of the reasons why I never pass up on the Opinion page. If you don’t like left-leaning limousine liberals like our present leader in the Oval Office you will realize how this letter to the editor during the Obamacare fiasco really hits it home.

If you can’t tolerate the policies of these misguided liberals like Ellingson, Klobuchar,Franken and Mark Dayton who support Obamacare, get ready for the mid-term elections and, of course, November of 2016 as well. If you don’t like limousine liberals you don’t have to keep them. You can vote them out. Thanks, Mark Peske, for giving us a good laugh on some supposed HilaryCar. I hope Mr. Peske is around to give us his refreshing literary voice in the future.

Marjorie Andersen