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Letter: Study shows e-cigs have no second-hand effects

Contrary to the false claims of Duluth resident Kathy Heltzer (Nov. 13 letter), no scientific evidence supports the position that exposure to the vapor from smoke-free electronic cigarettes has any significant second-hand effects.

Indeed, a recent comprehensive review conducted by Dr. Igor Burstyn of Drexel University reviewed all the existing evidence surrounding the toxicity of e-cigarette liquid and vapors and concluded that the levels of chemicals in e-cigarette vapor are at such low levels that there is no capability for them to have negative second-hand effects on bystanders.

Ms. Heltzer also takes a stand against "vape lounges," arguing that the intent of the Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act was not to allow patrons at adult-only establishments to sit down while sampling legal products available for sale.

I would like to make an offer of compromise on this issue: All vapers will stand while using their device, and until there's scientific evidence that actually supports banning the use of a smoke-free product in a "smoking" ban, Ms. Heltzer can stay in Duluth.

Alex Carlson