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Letter: 'HillaryCar' rollout on rocky road

Dateline 2019 —- President Hillary Clinton pushed back today against media criticism of her recently passed Affordable Car Act. With recent news stories exposing the millions of Americans who are now receiving notices that their cars no longer meet federal standards and thus will no longer be licensed under HillaryCar, critics are saying the president lied when she stated repeatedly, "If you like your car, you can keep your car. If you like your destination, you will be able to keep your destination."

President Clinton's press secretary stated yesterday that when the president made the promise, she of course wasn't referring to substandard automobiles that endanger American lives every time they are driven on the road. The secretary also stated that with the problems being ironed out at the White House's new website, Americans who were stuck driving lousy vehicles can get a much better deal through the government exchange.

Senators questioning the president's transportation secretary today pointed out that the cost of used cars on the exchange range anywhere from 50 percent to 200 percent more than blue book prices. Furthermore, it requires an average of 45 hours over a 3-4 week period to secure a new vehicle using the website. The secretary assured senators that her staff is working around the clock to make the process more streamlined, but reiterated her statement from last week that even with the glitches in this new program, Americans are far better off than when millions of Americans were without transportation.

In related news, President Clinton made an appearance today in the Rose Garden surrounded by a group of young people displaying the keys to their new Cadillacs and Corvettes. The president announced that with our country well on the way to her stated goal of transportation equality, she is introducing a new program that will address the problem of the more than 30 million Americans who are still not connected to the Internet — the Affordable Computer Act which...

Mark Peske