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Letter: Thousands of lives are being saved through prayer

I am writing in response to Brittany Ol-son’s letter (Oct. 10). She referred to the 40 Days for Life vigil as a protest. Forty Days for Life is a peaceful prayer group involving seven area churches and volunteers from many groups who support the vigil, and volunteers from many denominations and organizations. Each volunteer signs a peace agreement to “only pursue peaceful solutions to the violence of abortion.”

Some may ask why we have signs if we are not protesting. And our answer is simply to indicate to people what we are doing and why we are out there. Forty Days has spread nationwide in the last nine years, with 501 cities, 16,000 churches and 575,000 participants involved.

Bemidji Planned Parenthood does not perform abortions at their clinic, but indeed offers referrals to other abortion clinics. If PP’s main goal is to prevent unwanted pregnancies, like they claim, then why does Abby Johnson (former PP director of Texas) state, “54 percent of women who come to have an abortion claim they are using contraceptives?” Is the free birth control they are giving really working? Something is not right there. Statistics show 145 abortion referrals are made for every one adoption referral.

Johnson also states, “They are not per-forming quality health care” and that they have limited health sources, and there are other facilities that could offer fuller health care.

Planned Parenthood is very deceptive in its slogans and words. Don’t get me wrong, I believe many of the people who support PP or even work there have caring hearts who would love to help women in need. But here is the thing that just doesn’t click: PP’s main claim is to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but its main source of income is through abortion. It would not stay open without abortion. Doesn’t that contradict itself?

Brittney, you also say we are not stopping any abortions from happening, and you are right. God is. Since the vigil started (in 2004), 7,536 lives have been saved, and we believe that is through prayer. We are not standing out there to cast judgmental stares at the women who walk in to PP. We are at the vigil praying and ready to talk to any woman who would like to.

As a nursing student I want the best qual-ity health care for every single woman, and believe every child deserves to live, and that is exactly why I’m out there.

Rachel Humeniuk