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Letter: Harassing phone calls: real or scam?

Last week I had a most unpleasant experience with the University of Minnesota, or at least the caller said she was calling me from the university, and I know caller ID numbers can be faked, so this may have been a scam.

For three days, twice a day, I was called by the university. Finally on the fourth day I asked why the University of Minnesota was calling me. I was told that I must take a survey or the telephone calls would persist until the survey was taken and completed. I said I didn't want to take any survey, but the person on the other end of the line refused to take no for a reply. So with a hangup or two in between the questions I at last completed the survey to the caller's satisfaction.

It wasn't until after the caller hung up that I realized that I should have quizzed her and obtained enough information to file harassment charges against the University of Minnesota. The next time the University of Minnesota calls I will file harassment charges. Or was it a scam call?

Barbara Janssens