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Bjerknes to plead guilty to state and federal charges

Legislator failed to mention a few things

Once again, I just finished reading a letter in the Pioneer (Sept. 11) that makes me scratch my bald head in wonder. Rep. Erickson blamed the Republicans for not agreeing to address the "Farm Implement Repair Tax" issue in the special session. He also wrote, "I promise to continue to fight for its repeal in the future."

I realize the politicians are always blaming each other, no matter which party (and even within their own party) but Rep. Erickson failed to mention which party wrote the tax bill (I think he knows; I do). He also failed to mention how he voted on the tax bill (I think he knows; I do).

I know, I know, it's a very difficult task for a legislator to keep all of those new taxes from just being lumped into one big pile; $2.1 billion of new taxes is a lot of new taxes to keep straight. One of them is bound to slip through the cracks. Maybe even one that he didn't like. Now he knows how the rest of us feel.

Oh, I forgot: At least my property taxes are going to be "reduced". Ha, ha, ha. Right. Man, I crack me up sometimes.

Steve Pemble