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Letter: There is hardly a greater gift to give than a child

The 40 days for Life campaign will soon be starting up in Bemidji again (a peaceful prayer vigil). Why should one abort a child when adoption exists? To those who promote women's rights to an abortion -- what about all the women who suffer mentally and physically for years and years after an abortion?

I have never ever heard of a woman who has regretted giving birth (I have read of a few women who regret parenting and wish they would have chosen adoption for their child). I have heard of plenty of women who have regretted abortion.

So why abort? I've heard that some women can't afford the cost of a child so they abort. Well, the adoption agency we used encouraged us to pay for the birth mom's rent, food and medical costs while pregnant. So why abort? I deeply love my daughter's birth mom and birth dad (though I've only met them a couple times) and will until the day I die for the gift they gave me. In my opinion it guaranteed them a place in heaven.

There is hardly a greater gift to give than a child. So why abort? Why risk it? Adoption, not abortion. You won't regret it.

Jacqueline Gibbons