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Letter: MNsure ads should be embraced by the city

Lighten up, Mayor Albrecht. As a Minnesota resident who grew up in Bemidji, too, I am proud of the fame Paul and Babe have brought to the City. I also recognize they are folk legends and not real people. MNsure is going to ensure that over a million "real" people have access to quality health care.

These ads will promote awareness of the program and of the dates necessary for registration. Light-hearted ads seem to be watched and remembered better than heavy, serious ones.

The Paul and Babe campaign is funny. I would hate to think Bemidji leaders take themselves, and two statues, so seriously, that they fail to see the humor in these upcoming ads. Instead of outrage, the ads should be embraced by the city and used as another tool to attract tourists and businesses.

Perhaps you and the City Council might direct your anger towards trying to solve the problem of the dollar-gobbling Sanford Center, which appears to be bleeding money and is in poor financial health. Maybe this albatross around the necks of the city residents would have been a better subject to incur numerous accidents and ailments. It's definitely a candidate for MNsure.

Tana Havumaki

Taylors Falls, Minn.