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Letter: Officials should have replied to humor with more humor

News flash: Paul Bunyan, well known local timber man, was injured in a logging accident. Not to worry: His faithful companion, Babe the Blue Ox, quickly pulled Paul in a sled to Bemidji where he received immediate and professional care at North Country Regional Hospital (now known as Sanford Medical Center of Bemidji). In fact, due to the excellent health care we are fortunate to have here, Paul's injury was quickly treated with a three-foot-long bandage and he and Babe were soon back in the woods making chips out of tall pine trees.

Now that's how local officials could have responded to the recent ads by MNsure about the new health care act which opens for applications on Oct. 1. Reply to what was obviously a humorous

approach to a serious subject with more humor. But no, the city's illustrious mayor and the president of the Chamber of Commerce had to whine about the "offensive, inappropriate and tacky" treatment of our beloved icons. I have a thought: They ARE icons. They are NOT real.

Instead of taking offense, the officials should have been proud that Bemidji was used to promote an important issue. If there was bad publicity out of this it was due to the childish comments made by our local officials. Indeed, those comments were mentioned in the metro newspapers as well as Brainerd and Duluth.

Come on folks, lighten up. Have a big "Bunyan" sized chuckle and work with it. Besides, a guy with feet that big is bound to stumble and fall once in awhile.

Tim Mengelkoch