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Letter: Why is Nymore being shortchanged in park plan?

Thank goodness the mayor has asked for public input on both Paul Bunyan Park and South Shore Park. I am very unhappy with the remark made by Nancy Erickson. To say a basic plan was OK "before" so we should be happy with another "nothing plan" is a seriously unfunny statement.

People were happy with the old Diamond Point Park. Cameron Park was pretty basic in the beginning and "the people" were happy with that. We have tons of tourists taking pictures of Paul and Babe and they are "happy" with that. I do not think "the people" of Nymore will be happy with just a remodeled 75-plus-year-old bath house. I am not sure the owners of new hotels and high-priced condos will be happy with that, either.

Nymore Beach had a newer bath house (which needed some remodeling or repair) on a clean beach. That was sold for a pittance and the money probably not held in reserve for a replacement beach area. Why is Nymore (east Bemidji) being shortchanged? Or should I ask, why was so much budgeted to be spent elsewhere?

Linda L. Lemmer