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Responders to stroke victim appreciated

On July 13, my husband and I were biking southwest of Bemidji when my husband suffered a stroke. Several people stopped to help us and I would like to thank those people with all of my heart. It was such a chaotic, scary time and having everyone helping us was such a blessing. It takes courage to step into a situation like that and I consider all of you to be our heros.

I would like to thank Sgt. Robert Carlson for giving me a ride to the hospital and getting me there before the ambulance. The ER crew was fabulous -- you took such good care of my husband and offered support to my family as well. A special thanks to the LifeFlight crew. I knew he was in good hands on our flight to the Twin Cities.

So many people stepped into our life that day. For many of you, it was just your job. I want you to know that it means so much to the people you help. Thanks to everyone, my husband is still with us.

Katie Schmidt

Fisher, Minn.