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Letter: Police are part of the problem in standoffs

There has been a theme that has been carried out over and over. It always results in tragedy and I must ask -- Why can things not be handled much differently? It all starts when someone calls law enforcement to report that someone has a gun and is suicidal. The cops, all pumped up with little boy adrenaline, gather the SWAT team and surround the person's home. Then they sit out there preparing the sharpshooters and goat and badger the person to come out. There should be a point where the cops leave if the person settles down. It is, afterall, the privacy of ones own home. When a person is down, depressed, buzzed and wanting to end their own life, they are not going to forgo complete and full humiliation to come out and then to add insult to injury be manhandled and handcuffed by the cops.

(Bemidji police chief) Mike Mastin says that his officers to have a cookie cutter response to every scenario. Gee, Mike, I did not know that we are all exactly the same!

I find it disturbing that in a four year degree in criminal justice only about one psychology class is required!

These gun-toting idiots have no idea how to deal compassionately and with advanced knowledge of various mental illnesses and problems. All across this country they are haphazardly shooting innocent dogs and mentally handicapped persons. It has gotten to the point if one just says "no" and turns their back on a cops demand that is reason to shoot. And they never aim to just maim, they aim to kill. Who are these crazies who we are hiring to be cops?

It would be better not to involve law enforcement at all because time and time again they do more harm than good. And they know very little about any psychology to effectively deal with it.

Those little neighborhood bullies with guns grow up to be big neighborhood bullies with guns and we can't do anything about their callous brashness. We need to hire way different personalities for cops!

Sandy Bean