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Pioneer Editorial: Cheers and Jeers

Bike rack adds to the city's charm

The artistic bike rack outside the Cabin Coffeehouse and Café serves a dual role.

As a bike rack, it promotes an active lifestyle and provides a valuable service for those who choose to travel under their own power, or simply enjoy downtown without driving there.

As a piece of art, it adds to the charm and character of a city that embraces and appreciates art.

It is unique and functional.

Next week, the Downtown Development Authority plans to have a dialogue with those who want it removed. Discussion and communication are important to finding a solution for parking problems faced by senior-oriented organizations. Eliminating the bike rack, or moving it to a spot that primarily benefits one business, is not the best solution.


Cohesive design

The new Country Inn & Suites will be a good fit for Bemidji's south shore development near the Sanford Center. Cohesive, complimentary architecture and finishes will provide appealing aesthetics, an important element to making the area an attractive destination. Adding to the allure will be the addition of Buffalo Wild Wings, a restaurant and sports bar that fits the area's character.


Murphy resigning

Beltrami County Administrator Tony Murphy announced his resignation last Thursday. In his letter to county commissioners, Murphy said he's received an "attractive employment offer" and may consider other options. During his decade tenure, Murphy has managed the day-to-day operations of the county, and served as the project manager for important upgrades to facilities and infrastructure.

Sheriff Phil Hodapp lauded Murphy on the support and leadership the administrator provided for the county, including during tough economic times. Commissioners will officially consider his resignation during a meeting today.


Safe and sound

When the Azamara Quest cruise ship was stricken by a fire in its engine room during a 17-day Southeast Asian voyage, we were glad to hear the 10 Bemidjians on board were safe.