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Pioneer Editorial: Cheers and Jeers

Cheer: Chief Bemidji project welcomed

We think it's a wonderful idea for the Chief Bemidji Statue Committee to expand its original mission to include an effort to educate the community about the legendary Shaynowishkung. What started as a plan to replace the wooden Chief Bemidji statue that overlooks the Lake Bemidji waterfront downtown has turned into so much more. The committee decided to research and publish an educational brochure that will tell the story of the chief's role in Bemidji's history. Some questions remain about Chief Bemidji's date of birth and place of burial, but his love of children and respect for other people are well-documented. Congratulations to all who will be involved in this worthy project.

Cheer: Solid foundation

For a quarter-century, the Bemidji-based Northwest Minnesota Foundation has carefully fulfilled its mission to improving the quality of life in the region. The organization celebrated that legacy last week. It also continued its practice of rewarding leadership and achievement with $1,000 excellence awards.

Jeer: Senseless acts

Vandals were out in force over the weekend in the Minneapolis suburb of Plymouth. According to police, someone toppled about 45 gravestones at the Historic Little Church of St. Joseph's and broke many of them. Plymouth police reported the broken gravestones were just one incident in a night filled with vandalism. They are also looking for suspects in an expensive act of vandalism that left dozens of residents in one neighborhood with their tires slashed.

Cheer: Cardio care

Sanford Bemidji Medical Center took another step in its quest to fill a cardiology gap when it performed its first three cardiac catheterizations last week. The facility is expected to do 500 or more of these procedures each year. Sanford wants to hire two more cardiologists and build a new cardiovascular center in the next two years. That will help save lives.