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Pioneer Editorial: Cheers and Jeers

Water Carnival a Bemidji tradition

Carnival rides, road races, corn dogs, kiddie parade and games, beer tent, fireworks, live entertainment, culminating in the Grand Parade Sunday -- the Bemidji Jaycees 65th annual Water Carnival offered something for everyone. We're glad to have this summer festival and thank the Jaycees for setting up the tent a week early for the use of Fishing Has No Boundaries

Eaglets safe

The June 29 big winds that put white caps on Lake Bemidji also took down a snag with a large bald eagles' nest. Eagles have become plentiful again since the ban on DDT, which caused hatchling failure, but we still celebrate new nests and nestling, especially those in easy viewing. The nest on the east side of Irvine Avenue Northwest, just south of the U.S. Highway 71 overpass, had become a local roadside attraction. The news that the bald eaglets -- still too young to fly, but big birds -- landed safely is good news. And further watches show that their parents are continuing to feed the big babies on the ground.

Leaving a void

A Fosston man was sentenced last week to 38 months in prison for aiding and abetting setting fire to a Clearwater County church, historic town hall and a business. Another suspect has also been charged. The buildings torched were community worship, voting and trade centers. The loss of the buildings cuts deep in community and rural neighborhood relationships, tradition and history. The loss of these centers, no matter the consequences to the perpetrators, will always leave a gap in their communities.

Debs scores again

With 62 registered parade units and more than a mile of vehicles of spectators backed up south of the tiny town of Debs for the famous Fourth of July parade, the town grew from five permanent inhabitants to hundreds of visitors Saturday. Everyone loves a small town parade, and Debs is about as small town as is possible. But the parade gets bigger every year, and, of course, the marchers, drivers and riders go around town twice.