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Pioneer Editorial: Cheers and Jeers

Fishing program gladdens all

Anglers and volunteers alike had wonderful experiences on Lake Bemidji Saturday and Sunday in the 19th annual Fishing Has No Boundaries. The fishing event to encourage people of various disabilities to the fun of fishing actually started four years earlier on Kitchie Lake as Fishing Horizons but moved to Lake Bemidji in 1990 and expanded its scope. Last weekend 80 anglers and more than 150 volunteers, as well as businesses that donated food, and owners who lent pontoons, made sure a good time was had by all. A noon ray of sunshine Saturday brought cheers, but no one was shy about venturing onto the lake during Saturday morning's squalls.

Long time coming

The St. Regis Superfund Site wood treatment plant in Cass Lake closed 25 years ago, and was cited as a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for area contamination. But the discussion continues about what to do about the contaminated area. Expressions such as "fish or cut bait," and others less elegant, seem to pertain to the actions of the EPA in the Cass Lake situation. As residents of the area demand, some remediation should happen posthaste.

Safe boating

With news of several boating accidents lately around Minnesota that have resulted in fatalities, the Beltrami County Sheriff's Office reminders of boat safety are particularly pertinent. Boaters, canoeists and kayakers must wear lifejackets, pay attention to weather conditions, give someone onshore details of the trip plans and refrain from drinking alcohol while on lakes and rivers. Bon voyage.

Riding high

The group of Bemidji area women of all ages who get together for weekly trail rides on their horses and for occasional horse camping trips are reminders that a hobby can last a lifetime. Their friendly relationships with each other and their horses, and their commitment to riding a couple of times each week, provide lifelong pleasure and keep them in great physical shape.