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Pioneer Editorial: Cheers and Jeers

Beavers headed to Frozen Four

The big news last weekend were the upset victories of the Bemidji State University men's hockey team over Notre Dame and Cornell. Also worthy of praise are the fans, who flocked to the Bemidji Regional Airport in the middle of the night to cheer the players and give them a big welcome home.

Cheer: Local community spirit abounds

The Bemidji area was spared the widespread flooding concerns of the Red River Valley, but a few neighborhoods were awash last week. Volunteers sandbagged homes and businesses and non-profits donated gloves, boots and winter gear for the sandbaggers. The quick turnout shows the quality of the Bemidji community members helping each other in time of need. In addition, Bemidji State University, Concordia Language Villages and North Country Regional Hospital opened their doors to evacuees from Minnesota State University-Moorhead, Concordia College and Fargo, N.D., hospitals when those institutions closed for the flood duration.

Cheer: Shared Vision holds promise

Discussions about improving relations between American Indians and non-Indians in Bemidji have dragged on for years, without much change occurring. The community is taking a new tack with Shared Vision. The group launched a serious survey to understand the different perceptions and experiences of each population. If Shared Vision members can indeed create a new vision of understanding and appreciation between Indians and non-Indians it will be a great accomplishment.

Jeer: Stupid criminals

A story came out of Pennsylvania last week about a 19-year-old who staged a stick-up in the men's room of a convention center where 300 narcotics officers were gathered. The officer the young man accosted gave up his money and cell phone, but, with a cohort of other officers, chased and caught the criminal. Around here, many criminals are caught because they leave their footprints or tire tracks in the snow, commit crimes under video camera surveillance or give false names in situations where investigators can easily check out the truth. Then there is Bernie Madoff, surely an intelligent criminal, who faces a couple of lifetimes in prison for his financial misdeeds. Bright or stupid, criminal activity will be found out and result in consequences.