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Pioneer Viewpoints‘Fargo:’ It’s only entertainment

You either love it or you hate it.

That seems to be the consensus on the new television series “Fargo,” especially in the portrayal of Bemidji and northern Minnesota residents.

If you didn’t know, “Fargo” is the new FX series derived from the 1996 Academy Award-winning film of the same name.

The settings and characters are different in the television series, but the tone of a dark comedy-drama remains.

One of the more endearing (or maddening) aspects of both the film and the series is the way our northern Minnesota accents are portrayed. You know the vernacular — “aw jeez,” “you betcha” and “fer sure” — along with a slow, drawn-out way of speaking that makes us all seem, well, sorta goofy.

We may have thought the accents were fun and campy when the film “Fargo” came out, but when it’s us Bemidjians, well, heck, that makes some of us a bit upset, don’tcha know. What if someone in California thinks we really talk like that? Truth is, some of us actually do. And remember, it’s all just entertainment.

Then there’s the violence. It’s nearly 20 years since the film was made, and if you follow television, you know that violence has ramped up across the board. So no surprise there with “Fargo” the series. But that seems to be what most detractors keyed in on. Too much violence. In that, we agree.

Let’s hope future episodes (there are nine remaining) tone done the killing, and maybe, just maybe, a little bit on the over-the-top accents.

Aw heck, you can leave the accents in.

Fer sure.