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Letter: Hospice plays important role in community

The hospice program is a great service to our community when our loved ones are in need of special care. I became a volunteer in 1988. I took training along with nine other women. During the next 20 years, I met so many people, who became good friends and also visited and cared for their loved ones.

I remember one in particular: Charlie Ellis. I came to spend a few hours with his wife to give him a break. He recognized me and asked me to bring my guitar next time I visited. I brought my guitar every time for the next two years. He carried his wife to the piano. He played violin and we'd play for two hours. This time made his wife happy and useful.

After 17 years of volunteering, I changed to entertaining the patient that loved music. Many times the patient would sing along to their favorite tunes.

I also had the good fortune to have hospice when my husband had to enter Havenwood. He always looked forward to their visits.

I wish to thank Jessica Conrad and several other very caring ladies who helped provide the service. My hope is that it is always there for our needy people.

Mavis Winger