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Stanley Crouch: Won’t you come home, Bill?

Untruths and exploitation are central to the dilemma of free speech in our nation. Constant insubstantial blather mucks things up by creating the feeling that compulsive speech is the same thing as freedom; this compulsion lets the little person think he or she is equal to those pushing erroneous positions that are much more self-serving than anything else.

The impact of the far right on these two issues remains large because they who can spend the most money are in the process of creating another confederacy built upon fossil fuels rather than slaves — even though they are working overtime to bring about national submission to technology in our miraculous electronic age of ongoing inventions.

“Faithful” machinery is intended to replace the domestic creature willing to protect and die for the master. That pet is usually a dog, but now is something quite different. It is an electronic force beyond good and evil, but quite effectively used by the pitch-black interests of a system that has taken the world not by storm at all, merely by speed. The faster the better, and the more threatening; once fired, a pistol shows how dangerous totally liberated speed is.

While velocity always dominates, or maintains a high position in modern life and civilization as we know it, the up- and downsides of modern communications and the presence of high-speed illusion has to be shaken out in order to know where we are. We are frequently led through these dark-money times by men who are as close to absolute evil as we could imagine.

One sees them that way primarily because those at the top specialize in magic tricks that appear and disappear faster than anybody can actually handle, or if not handle, make sense of the thinking ways that have held on throughout recorded human history. Human history is extremely long, but actually rather short when we look at the way our species evolved all over the world, prevailing over so many things that just appeared and that we had no control over, just the prevalence of the odds themselves.

Now is another time, because we have to prevail within the terms of a democracy that has sold out to the wealthy over and over, while presented to the public as a form of freedom and democratic choice. All public hustlers have learned how to convince people that they are better off than they have ever been in the recorded past; that is one of the reasons hustlers hate facts; they do not want to be held responsible for the contempt shown to fairness or to any realization of democratic feeling that is stronger than any bigotry. Scotland’s Robert Burns wrote a poem in the 18th century that has been adapted and compressed into “A man is a man, for all that.”

Burns’ poem says a man’s character is the true worth through which we see him and measure his actions, or his use of power. Considering that idea in our mechanical and oligarchical time, we should give a good look at what is called dark money and has been secretly given to a neo-confederacy under the leadership of the tea-party threat to GOP logic and reasonable compromise. This is a force that is interested in taking no prisoners, and hates the federal government, regulations and any kind of group rights that would buckle a seasoned and satisfied bigotry based in color, religion, sex and regulation. No matter how much suffering is passed out, hogs at the trough will continue to do anything in the name of profit and say that their destructive machinations are the true American way.

What the GOP needs is another William F. Buckley Jr., a sort of conservative who no longer can be found with his hardheaded authority among Republicans. No matter how much one could — or would — disagree with him, one had to admire his refusal to knuckle under to masters of deceit and delusion willing to take the party into the bramble of conspiracy theories. That was why in 1962, he announced that there was no room in the GOP for the John Birch Society, a group of thoroughbred loons who could only be seen as embarrassments by reasonable conservatives. Buckley successfully ran them out of Republican ranks and logically removed their ability to keep McCarthyism alive.

The heads of the neo-confederacy are the Koch brothers, and their minions have never seen a campaign contribution they did not like or grovel before. Give them a firm kick in the rear by a new Buckley, and we may see something actually important happen to the GOP.

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