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Campaign bias toward those already in office

My son is a volunteer for a Republican candidate for governor. He got involved with this campaign because he is interested in the party and has spoken of one day running for an office.

During this campaign he has kept me informed of what goes on, and also has invited me to go with him and help.

With what has been happening lately, upsets me. He has been telling me of debates that the districts have, and that some of those districts do not include the candidates from the private sector. I guess some of those leaders feel the new delegates don't need to hear from the private sector; they only need to hear from those who are in the Legislature already. I am very upset by this for several reasons.

- With this kind of a bias how can the delegates endorse the right candidate for us, when they don't even know all the candidates or what they stand for?

- What does this say to a person that passionately wants to run for an office?

- What does this say to my son?

- What has happened to equality, can't we give the same respect to each candidate?

- Why do we continue to play the same old political games?

With this kind of attitude we can only get the same old mess!

Pam Mozena

Foreston, Minn.