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Ask a trooper: Question about Golf carts right of way on crosswalk?

Question: When golf carts are using a pedestrian crosswalk, are vehicles required to yield?

I say it is a courtesy but not required, my wife says it is required. This happens in town where the street separates a golf course. Answer: By law they are not a pedestrian anymore if on a golf cart unless there is an ordinance or some other special allowance set by local or state officials. Minnesota State Statute 169.212 talks about electric personal assistive mobility devices and how the person operating one has the rights and responsibilities of a pedestrian but this does not include golf carts. Generally, golf carts need to wait for traffic to clear. Anytime I see a pedestrian or anything actually in a crosswalk, even if it’s not marked – I stop and stop far enough back so drivers in other lanes can also see in time to stop. Also, do not block crosswalks while stopped, and don’t pass other vehicles stopped in these areas. For anyone using a crosswalk, don’t assume you have the right of way and don’t count on drivers paying attention – make eye contact with motorists. Continue to be alert and check for vehicles when walking in a crosswalk. A little common sense for drivers and pedestrians can go a long way. I will do an article on the golf cart operation rules and laws in the near future. Thanks for asking. Curt S. Mowers is a sergeant with the Minnesota State Patrol.