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Prime Time | Evan Hazard: ‘My day’: Three nights’ free lodging

On Monday, Nov. 19, I had a 2 p.m. appointment at a clinic in St. Paul, which wanted me there 20 minutes early to complete forms. Also, there was a slight possibility I’d have to stay in the Cities into the week after Thanksgiving.

Fortunately, I didn’t need a hotel or B&B. Stuart and Carol now own a ’20s bungalow in southeast Minneapolis near 46th Street. They still live in Cambridge, so I had the place to myself.

This made for a tight schedule. I didn’t want to miss the Saturday BSU recital featuring Linda Wagner, Sue Nelson and colleagues, and friends were taking me to Dave’s Pizza that evening for my birthday.

On Sunday, I needed to be at Stuart and Carol’s by 4, because they had to get home to prepare for work Monday morning. I skipped church and left just after 10, somewhat of a record for me. Only noteworthy wildlife was a bald eagle soaring some miles north of Motley.

Got into the Cities’ freeway free-for-all about 2:30, but turned too soon off 694. Saw a fair amount of “Nordeast” before arriving in known territory, and got to the house before 4. Carol had left lots of food in the fridge, so supped at the house Sunday evening, then found memory foam most comfortable. Breakfast there Monday morning, then off to Cub and the Seward Co-op to shop. Lunch at the house, then off in plenty of time to reach the clinic. Wrong.

Before they left, we had consulted Stuart’s mobile device: 46th Street becomes Ford Parkway in St. Paul. Turn left onto Cleveland, drive north to University, then left to find the clinic. Simple? No.  

Partly I was wrong; even numbers are on the south side of most avenues, and I was driving west on the north side of University. The 2500s would have been right in the middle of a freeway that University bridges. Also, a light rail line is being built in the middle of University, so getting to the eastbound side was doable but complicated. After asking directions (unlike stereotypical males, I find that easy), I got to the office building that houses the clinic, but just before 2, so didn’t get far with the forms.

My TMD (temporo-mandibular disorder) is not life-threatening, just annoying. I did not have to stay over, but have to go back to get an oral device that they made a mold for. It will be ready Dec. 17. Had supper Monday at Dominguez Family Restaurant, 3313 E. 50th St. Elaine and I had enjoyed lunch there in 2009; I’d had a burrito then. You don’t get there by driving south to 50th and then west; a park’s in the way. Go west on 46th, then south on 34th Avenue to 50th, and there it is, just west of the corner. Small place, small parking lot in back, good food and service. They don’t have a wide choice of burritos, but lots of other things. I got #19, pechuga de pollo, which comes with various sides and was delicious. One side was a scoop of what I took to be a green salad. It was a fiery condiment of some sort. I mixed it with my rice and refried beans, which went fine, and doggy-boxed half.

Sensible thing would be to drive home Tuesday. No, I decided to stay until Wednesday. Lunched Tuesday at Everest on Grand in St. Paul, a Nepali restaurant I’d long wanted to try. Got there about noon. Place was crowded but there was room. Had the buffet, cannot remember everything I had, and of course had no leftovers. Finished off my pechuga de pollo for supper.

Why not leave the Cities on Tuesday? You cannot stop for lunch at Emily’s Lebanese Deli at Sixth and University Northeast; it’s closed Tuesdays. Emily’s opened in the ’60s, I believe. We had eaten there several times. Emily died several years ago, but I think the same family still owns and runs it. Food is as good as ever.

Got all the dishes done and the house tidied up and reached Emily’s about noon. Again crowded, but room for one. Emily’s actually has more seating upstairs, which is used for parties and also for overflow. It’s good that it is a deli. I bought a spinach pie, cabbage rolls, tabouleh and hummus for future meals.

Wednesday was the day before Turkey Day, and everyone was “over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house.” mostly above the speed limit. Traffic was heavy and sometimes foolhardy. One monster pickup tore past me on 64 in a no-passing zone, not far from Dad’s Elwell Store. I slowed to let it in. Sticks in my mind because Melissa Ousley was playing a Grieg Peer Gynt Suite on MPR at the time.

Will head back down in mid-December.


EVAN HAZARD, a retired BSU biology professor, also writes “Northland Stargazing” the fourth Friday of each month.