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Ann Daley: The story of three lovely muses and one saintly old man

It’s not like he was out shopping for Greek Goddesses that April morning. All he planned to do was to go downtown to meet with the tax man on America Ave. It just so happened that as he was walking down the street he accidentally noticed these three beautiful sculptures standing in a store front window. So was that a stroke of luck or what?  Just when he was thinking about what he could do to make the yard more attractive this year he suddenly got a great idea.

He would add some statuary to his landscaping plans. Three half-dressed ladies standing amid the flowers and shrubs would certainly attract the attention of any passerby.

The rest is history. First thing I know I am falling for this foolish idea and now I am an accomplice. I am in complete agreement that we need these sculptures, these three Greek Goddesses or Muses as they are also known. Not only were these “fine pieces” just what we needed but the price was right!

So with the help of the “Second Hand Splendor” crew we loaded those ladies into our car and in no time flat they arrived safely at their new home on Birchmont Drive.

Well, now I’m wondering “What’s with this sudden interest in Greek Mythology?”  He said, “I guess I was always sort of interested in it but I really got into it the last two weeks of April.”

So what do we know for sure about Greek Goddesses?  According to the history of it all, there were nine Goddesses who presided over literature, the arts and sciences. Their spirit, supposedly, inspired poets and other artists. They were considered a source of genius or inspiration and it seems that all the Goddesses had very meaningful names. There was Calliope (Goddess of Poetry), Clio (Goddess of History), Melpomene (Goddess of Tragedy), Polyhymnia (Goddess of Sacred Poetry), Urania (Goddess of Astronomy), and Thalia (Goddess of Comedy and Pastoral Poetry).

The other three ladies who live with us are named, Euterpe (Goddess of Music), Terpsichore (Goddess of Dance) — these ladies must have been named in my honor - you think?   And last but not least of these is Erato (Goddess of Love Poetry) — can’t imagine whose honor she has been named in.

So there you have it. It’s almost the fourth of July and it’s time for these elegant ladies to brave the elements such as wind and rain and get out there and greet their public like any famous Muse should do.

But this story isn’t just about girls. The other day we were at Menards to pick up some mulch and just happened to notice an almost life-sized statue of St. Francis of Assisi.

He looked down at us from the highest perch in the outdoor store. There was no doubt in our minds. We needed him to join the “Muse Club”. We asked a slim little associate to please call someone to get this big guy down for us. “Sure, no problem”, said she as she immediately began climbing the ladder herself. “Surely you can’t do that all by yourself”, I exclaimed. To which she confidently replied, “Why Not?  I put it up there so I guess I can get it down.”  —  I just couldn’t watch!

Well, getting “The Mister” home was no small task but we got him home without breaking any of his body parts. He has settled in nicely in the corner of one of the gardens and he adds a sense of peace to the whole place. And from his strategic location he can keep an eye on Erato!

So as you read this foolish (but at least true) story are you wondering, “What were these two old people thinking of anyway?  Are they planning to open a museum or an amusement park of some sort?”  Well, I wonder that myself sometimes. But I guess I won’t waste any time wondering because I just noticed a big box that says “Flag Pole, Etc..” So although we already have a flag on a pole it looks like we will be erecting another. I guess it’s easier to just go along with my trusty Groundskeeper. As least he works cheap and actually some of his ideas aren’t all that bad!  Of course you can never have too many flags, can you?

So if you happen to be in our neighborhood anytime this summer, keep an eye out for our ladies. Weather permitting they will be standing in our front yard garden at 2118 Birchmont Drive, NE. You can find St. Francis hanging out in the garden on the lakeside. And by the way, if you happen to meet up with those other six goddesses please tell Stanley. He would like to round out his “Muse Collection.”