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Prime Time | Diane Engel: What does membership mean?

To be a member means to be part of a group with a common goal. The goal of the Senior Center is to provide a place for active adults to socialize and enhance their independence.

So to be a member means that you are supporting the programs that help seniors stay active, independent and in their homes longer. Anyone can be a member at any age and it is very quick and easy to do. Also, any membership amount above the $20 Basic Level is a tax-deductible contribution.

Russell Bahr, Ileine DeVries, Don Anderson, Billie Bauer, Yvonne Barry, Dick Robinson and Norma Anderson visit at Senior Center.

The Senior Center does not receive any federal or state funding. Our major contributions come from United Way, township donations, fundraisers, donations and memberships.  We also have gift memberships for that someone special, such as a family member or friend. Consider also that if you would like to assure that the Senior Center is here for another 50 years, for your grandchildren’s generation, you can support the Center with a membership in their name. Benefits of membership include a discount to rent the Senior Center, discounts on our day trips, wireless Internet access at the Center, and knowing that you helped the Senior Center to continue our services for generations to come. You can get a copy of the membership form at our website at and click the tab on the left “How to Join.” Just print the form and mail it in with your check. Or you can stop in, pick up a membership form at our front desk and also enjoy a cup of coffee.

If you use Our Family products, we are collecting the labels to benefit the Center. Please be sure the UPC Code is attached and not damaged as this is the part that we send in. You can drop them off at the front desk.

We would also like to thank the people who have responded to our Wish List for their kindness. We still could use the following items: white or colored copy paper (any color), stainless silverware, napkins, No. 10 envelopes, postage stamps, Post-It notes, coffee, wrapped candy and store-bought cookies.

We also take donations of new and used greeting cards with verses attached, craft supplies, puzzles and jewelry and purses (for the RSVP Program).

Craft Show, Jewelry Sale

The Senior Creations Craft Shop will host a Craft Show, Bars and Coffee, Rummage and Bake Sale from 8 2 p.m. Nov. 17, while RSVP will host a Jewelry Sale from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. that same day at the Senior Center, 216 Third Street NW, Bemidji.

For more information, call 751-8836.


DIANE ENGEL is executive director of the Paul Bunyan Senior Activity Center.