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Floyd & Mary Beth Brown: What kind of woman does Obama envision?

With the campaign for the presidency in full swing, we are getting lambasted with ads featuring all kinds of distortions and half-truths. The most ridiculous is the Obama campaign’s invented War Against Women.

Watching the Democratic Convention, you might actually believe that Mitt Romney and Republicans won’t be happy until all women are wearing the apron of June Cleaver. The Democrats insist that what women really want is abortion on demand, free birth control pills and equal pay. We all can envision a bra-burning, liberated, strong women. But is this really what Barack Obama has in mind?

Scratch under the surface and a different picture of Obama’s ideal women emerges.

Barack Obama wants the kind of woman portrayed in his creepy slideshow about “The Life of Julia,” a fictional character who lives a government-subsidized existence her entire life.

In this slideshow, Julia is followed from age 3 until she goes through college and has her own child — apparently without a husband.

Julia is totally dependent on the federal government from the moment she’s born. At 3, she heads off to a federally-subsidized Head Start program. She breezes through high school with Obama’s “Race to the Top” program and goes to college with a government-provided student loan. She then ends up with free Obamacare health coverage and later in life she gets her Social Security check and Medicare coverage.

Commentator Marybeth Hicks provides more details about this government-dependent woman:

“Conservative commentators point out that ‘The Life of Julia’ is creepy and condescending. Graphic Julia has no facial features, all the better to be led blindly down the path to socialism. Insultingly, she achieves nothing on her own, nor is there any mention of her personal support network (you know, a husband or family). Rather, her feminist triumphs all are achieved with the help and support of the ultra-generous Mr. Obama.

“More telling about the ‘Julia’ meme is not only what it conveys about the president’s vision of women’s needs and priorities, but also his underlying belief about his personal role in the lives of American citizens.”

Obama is being patronizing to women. He clearly thinks they can’t survive without his help every step of the way through life. And, since there’s no mention of a husband or father in the slideshow, it is apparent that Obama considers the federal government to be Julia’s husband and the benevolent father to her child Zachary.

The kind of woman Obama approves of is the perfectly obedient, submissive subject in his socialist utopia.

The Republican National Committee expressed outrage against the “Life of Julia” slideshow and countered with their own facts about what Julia’s life will be like in Obama’s socialist-welfare state.

The RNC pointed out that Julie would be paying record high tuition to attend college, and when she graduated, she wouldn’t be able to find a job in Obama’s failing economy. In addition, she’d be saddled with a $25,000 loan — the highest in history and rising under Obama.

As a 23-year-old college graduate, she’d likely end up living with her parents — and be paying double for gasoline compared to what she would have paid before Obama took office.

It gets worse for Julia as she ages under Obama’s regime. Julia, the mother, will have to pay higher health insurance premiums under Obamacare than with a private insurance company. Social Security and Medicare will be gutted as well.

So the picture for women in Obama’s socialist utopia is dismal. It is a meager existence without the satisfaction of self-empowerment. Today’s woman has freedom and is just as likely to open her own business as to don an apron.

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