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Jane Furuseth: May is ‘Older Americans Month’

More than 50 years ago President Kennedy referred to May as “Senior Citizens Month.” In 1980 President Carter officially changed the name and designated May as Older Americans Month. Throughout the month communities are encouraged to recognize the accomplishments of older adults. There is also an educational focus raising the awareness of issues impacting older adults.

In 2014 the theme for Older Americans Month is “Safe Today, Healthy Tomorrow” to raise awareness about injury prevention.

Injuries and violence are serious threats to the health of persons aged 65 years and older. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among older adults.

Bone Builders is an exercise program that helps older adults improve their balance while having fun in a small group setting.

The Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) offers 7 locations of Bone Builders classes in Beltrami County and 7 locations in Cass County.  The exercises help build bone density, muscle and improve balance, which can lead to the prevention of osteoporosis.  

RSVP volunteers lead participants through a series of ten different strength exercises including a warm up and cool down, a balance and stretching routine.  Bone Builders classes are held twice weekly. Classes are free to men and women age 55 and older.  

RSVP would like to recognize and thank the 22 Bone Builders leaders in Beltrami County and the 43 leaders in Cass County.  These RSVP volunteers received training and lead classes twice a week throughout the entire year.  Some have been volunteering in this capacity for 7+ years.

For more information about Bone Builders or class locations, contact Jane Furuseth, RSVP Area Coordinator:  218-766-9494.   Bone Builders in Beltrami and Cass County is sponsored by RSVP and Horizon Health Inc.