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Hockey Day is coming to Bemidji; 13th annual event set for winter 2019

Thank you, Dad

Father is defined in the dictionary as "a male parent," something we all know to be true. But the word means so much more than that.

We all lamented about our fathers' lameness when we were kids, kicking and screaming our way to the confines of our rooms.

But we often fail to acknowledge all those things, big and little, that the man of the house has done for us.

From the time you fell off your bike to your awkwardly silent first date with the neighbor girl - he was there to clean up your wounds; to drive you to the theater.

From your first softball game to the time(s) you got stuck in the ditch - he was there to yell "keep your eye on the ball," and to pull you out of the snow.

Dad was always there, and I can prove it:

Who was it that taught you how to shoot a gun, pitch a tent, tie a tie, swing a bat, shave your beard, drive a car and show you that women are a completely different species?

Who was it that held your hand as you crossed the street? Who was it that encouraged you, called you beautiful and told the boys that came over he knew how to use a shotgun?

I'll tell you who - Dad.

Dad was there. Father was there. Papa was there.

You see, dads are men because they're slobs who aren't afraid to expel gas at any given moment - but dads are fathers because they love and care deeply for their offspring.

Dads are fathers because of the times they've bandaged your scrapes, wiped away your tears and kissed you on the cheek.

Your dad is a father because he would give anything in the world to make sure that you succeed; to make sure that you are happy.

So today when you see old papa bear himself, take a moment to remember all the things he's done for you, and if you can't handle that emotional three-word phrase, than just say "thank you."

Say, "thank you dad for all that you've done, because I wouldn't be where I am today without you."

Figuratively and literally.

Jake Urban is an intern this summer for the Bemidji Pioneer.