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Marilyn Heltzer: Technology and weather: Two constants in our lives

We are all creatures of habit. We have our routines, and routes that we drive. I know what streets I take in town, and what township and county roads get me there.

Technology and the weather are the both constants in our lives. And some even avoid technology. No email, no Facebook, no postings, no cell phone. I envy them a bit, but my morning routine includes emails to family and friends, and checking in on my Facebook friends. During my working life, I was always the oldest. Now some of my friends have even retired. Imagine that. But my daughters and granddaughter post a lot. And there’s always the phone when they don’t. More technology.

Then there’s the weather. This long cold winter has bound us together. We are alike in our heavy jackets and we all have favorite hats and mittens or gloves. It takes us a good five minutes to pile on our stuff, and we now allow extra time for that.

I recommend hats for men, women, and kids, too. That, with hand washing has kept me from getting a cold all winter.

I don’t, of course, believe in the germ theory. I did learn all about Louis Pasteur’s work back in school, but now, I’m with Bill Maher in disbelief. You can Google Maher and find out all.

 Yes, it’s been cold and snowy outside. I have my AAA card at the ready, and have used it a couple of times.

And am I thankful for my underground garage which is a few degrees warmer than the world outside. And my car always starts. That’s another blessing.

Now, Sunshine, my big black dog is not crazy about going out on cold mornings. Animals have their routines, too.

The deer who follow their paths on my property have their own routines, and are sociable as they hang out eating the hay that my neighbor has put out down the road. Sociability is important, too. We are all sociable creatures. Which brings to mind the old gospel hymn, “Bind Us Together, Lord” We are indeed bound together.

Now I’ll hit “send” and pop this off to the Pioneer editor. I’ll go to my underground garage and head for town along familiar roads and I’ll greet folks at the PO and the fitness place, whether I know their names or not. “Hello THERE” always works. And being it now is implanted in my brain, I may well hum “Bind us together.”