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Marilyn Heltzer: Remembering Valentine’s Day with loved ones

We’re just four days away from Valentine’s Day. It’s my favorite holiday. There are no big meals to cook and no celebrations to attend. Not even a church service. Now, I could launch into a sermon about God’s great love for us all. And that would be true but I’ll go down another road here.

When my husband Jim was alive, we’d exchange mooshy cards. One year, I gave him a cute little doggy on a Valentine’s pillow that sings and barks. I think I got it at Walgreen”s. I still have it on a shelf and will have its do its tricks this February 14.

Jim would give me jewelry Even as I was I was frugal (cheap, to be accurate), he was generous. And come to think of it, there was a dinner or two on Valentine’s night that we’d eat by candlelight. Pretty romantic, doncha think?

What’s it all about? Love, to be sure. And oh yes,  money.

The florists will do a big business this week. So will the chocolatiers, restaurateurs and the meat market guys who sell big steaks. I wish them all well because there’s nothing like love. It’s a word that is bandied about by ad people. My favorite is “Love. It’s what makes a Subaru a Subaru” Some ad man or woman in a fine New York office got big bucks for creating that ad,  which has a place in the brain of an old lady in northern Minnesota. Now, I don’t drive a Subaru I once did. It was a red four-wheel drive  outback. There’s no Subaru dealer in Bemidji. But if there were, I’d check it out for sure.

And oh, the songs. Love songs. Turn to any station or go to your record collection (or download a tune) and there it is, whether it’s a guy who has lost his love, or a woman who has lost hers, incredible happiness or great sorrow, many songs are bout love.

Poets have written about love. “How do I love thee, let me count the ways…”   That’s by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. “I love my Love and my Love loves me” Samuel Taylor Coleridge,

And Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116, which begins “Let me not to the marriage of true minds….”

Yes, I was an English major. And way back in the 6th grade I memorized poetry. But not love poetry. My 6th grade teacher, a sturdy stout woman, would not have assigned one.  

Much of life is about love. There’s a word for it in every language: I love you in English. Te amo in Spanish. Je t’aime in French. Gi zah gin in Ojibwe. And ich liebe dich in German.  Love itself is a mystery

 And my wish for you is simple: Happy Valentine’s Day!