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Nurses are too overloaded to provide adequate care

I ask the Bemidji community to support Sanford Nurses concerned about staffing issues. I had surgery two years ago in Bemidji. Pain pills failed to work for my pain, so I was admitted to the hospital. I asked for pain meds several times after surgery; however, I was told they could not give them to me until I reached the inpatient floor. It seemed like I waited forever. Finally, I told the nurse I couldn't take it anymore. I'm not sure if she finally gave me something or not. When I finally did get transferred to the floor, I waited again for pain medication. I think I waited an hour to get a pain button and much longer to get my pain under control. I was alone and I suffered. I saw many nurses running about the halls. I knew my nurse was busy and I certainly don't blame her for my inadequate pain control instead I blame the institution which said she had to take care of me when she was already having difficulty taking care of her patients assigned to her.

The lack of care I received violated my patient rights. My story is not rare as my wife is an RN at Sanford Bemidji and tells me daily how she has to choose who to care for when she can't care for all of her patients. I encourage you to speak up! Share your story because HIPAA doesn't allow nurses to publicly share stories like mine. Members of our community need to know the truth about what's really happening inside the hospital when staffing levels are unsafe.

I survived my incident without any long-lasting, debilitating effects; however, that is not the case for all. Research shows that the death rate in hospitals climb when nurses are assigned more and more patients.

The nurses who cared for me said that they were too busy; however, no one cared and I was sent there anyway. Did the facility care about me or about my money? I know the nurses cared about me, that they were extremely busy and that they tried to keep me from being sent to the medical floor because they did not feel they could care for me with their current workload. It is wrong to feel bad about using a call light when you need help from a nurse because they are too busy.

Jeff Moss