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Federal Education Dept. has done nothing for kids

I totally disagree with the federal government having a Department of Education. In my estimation it should be abolished.

I retired as an elementary teacher in Northome in 1983. As of then certain programs were beginning through federal assistance. Also, the teacher unions were acquiring more strength in developing teachers' salaries. They also supported people who should not be in the teaching profession; and they still do. I do not believe the teacher union supported the kids. They support teachers only.

Good teachers can command good pay. If states controlled the tax set-up for education, there would be no lobbyists in Washington destroying our education system.

Our public schools have steadily declined in educating our kids.

The federal government has much support from teacher unions in the political sense. This should not be. Education should be left up to the states, the federal government is inadequate.

Patsy Bender