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Republicans deceive in 'official' Census mailing

We got a letter in the mail the other day that had "Do Not Destroy Official Document" written in bold capital letters on the front. In more bold letters the envelope identified itself as "Census Document Registered To:" with my husband's name.

I opened it thinking it was our census form. Imagine my surprise when I began reading the questions and it dawned on me that this was not the official census, but was instead, a Republican fundraising letter masquerading as the census. The last section had the heading "Census Certification And Reply" in bold letters and had a box to check certifying that the enclosed "2010 Congressional District Census," again in bold letters, "are my own." It also encouraged the reader to enclose $15 "to help defray the cost of processing my Census Document."

Seriously, this is what the Republican Party has to stoop to? It's one thing to ask for money, and take money from people who want to support your cause. It's something else completely to try to dupe vulnerable or a gullible person into sending money to what they think is a government-sponsored census.

Trying to trick people into giving your party money is reprehensible. The RNC can't raise money based on its merits? How sad.

Nancy Barcenas Mayer