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Must do better to curb illegal immigration entry

Immigration is an issue that needs our attention. The cost to us as Americans has been great. That cost includes a drain on our efforts to protect, not only our resources, but also the safety of our families, especially in concentrated areas of population. I believe we are a spiritual and good-hearted people and do not wish to hinder those less fortunate from improving their family's circumstance through their own industry and effort.

Yet there does come a time when one must step forward and defend those principles and that prosperity the Creator has so benevolently bestowed on His believers. Efforts to do this through welcoming foreign brothers and sisters to openly share our wealth have failed. That immigration policy established 500 years ago was based on trust and faith in the goodness of others. That extended hand brought those Americans disease, an edict to leave their homes and live in refugee camps located often far from their homes and livelihood. Many died.

We can do better this time. This time the invader sneaks in at night, bringing humility, a desire to work hard for little money, a reverence for the extended family and a desire to create art as much as profit. We must capture each and every one, send them back or our hopes and dreams of unlimited consumption for ourselves and our children could be disrupted! We are entitled to have it all. We should be afraid of this threat. Act now! Vote no to everything you don't understand.

John L. Rabel