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Letter To The Editor - Representatives not representing taxpayers

To the editor:

To remedy the violations to our Constitution by our elected officials in Congress, the Senate, the Judicial and our state officials, "We The People," have completed 11 days deliberating, Nov. 11-21 at St. Charles, IL, on resolutions to construct instructions to our elected officials to demand that they respond to our instructions to stop violating the Constitution.

We have petitioned our representatives numerous times and have not received a response from them. A no response is an admission of guilt and of course, more injury to us. Out of all the resolutions and instructions, the three delegates from each state, called the Continental Congress 2009 came up with, was a set of articles that was called The Articles of Freedom.

The Continental Congress 2009 is the third Continental Congress to be formed for the purpose of bringing attention to our Constitution, not to amend it but to defend it. The Articles of Freedom contain the constitutional violations and civic actions that can be taken to resolve them.

We want each representative to have a copy of The Articles of Freedom and to abide by them. The Articles of Freedom contain instructions to Congress, instructions to the president, instructions to our judicial and instructions to our states and instructions for civic actions that can be taken to hold our elected officials accountable and to stop the violations to our Constitution.

To find out more about "We The People 2009" and The Articles of Freedom, go to their website and click on Article of Freedom. You can also go to We the or give me and click on The Articles of Freedom.

Lyle Daken