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Former Rep. Moe casts support for Rep. Kelliher

While I miss seeing so many of you on a regular basis, it's been nice to spend more time at home and getting to know my wife again. It's been troubling though to watch the continued troubles of the state budget. Wednesday's budget forecast was a sobering reminder that the challenges Minnesotans face cannot be fixed with temporary band-aid solutions.

Last session, the Legislature passed a balanced budget. It wasn't easy and resulted in painful cuts and increased taxes on the wealthiest Minnesotans, but they were able to come together to do what was right for Minnesota. Your Legislature has again taken the difficult but responsible approach. Margaret Anderson Kelliher continues to show the leadership as speaker of the Minnesota House now that made me proud to serve with her.

An analysis by Minnesota's state economist found the budget passed last year by the Legislature would have saved the most jobs. They took the balanced approach chosen by the vast majority of states. Going forward, economists tell us it is that balanced approach that will serve Minnesota best in both the short and long-term. States that takes steps to prepare for an economic recovery will grow jobs at a much faster rate.

Our current governor put his presidential ambition ahead of what's best for Minnesotans. His unilateral cuts to the state budget eliminated thousands of jobs, kicked Minnesotans off of their healthcare and held back hundreds of millions of much needed dollars from our schools. We need a governor who will put Minnesota first, Margaret Anderson Kelliher.

When I served in the Minnesota Legislature Margaret wasn't just my caucus leader, she became my mentor and dear friend. In 2010 we have the opportunity to elect a new governor. We can elect a leader who believes in investing in Minnesota, not one who leaves us drowning in red ink. We can elect a leader, Margaret Anderson Kelliher, who sees the promise and potential in Minnesota. Please join me in supporting and electing Margaret as Minnesota's next Governor.

Frank Moe


Former State Representative

Grand Marais, Minn.