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Bemidji State fields an exciting football team

If you have been noticing the sounds of cowbells, air horns and duck calls during Saturday afternoons, you'll be pleased to know that it isn't the city of Bemidji being swarmed by animals or large ships; rather, it is the cheers of the devoted football fans cheering on the Bemidji State Beavers.

Why all these loud noises? The BSU football team has been having a very exciting and positive season this fall. A team that was picked to be ninth out of 14 teams in the conference is now in a tie for third place.

Taking even a deeper look into the season, the Beavers have shouted their name throughout the conference by playing thrilling games against three nationally ranked teams. An overtime loss to No. 6 Mankato State was the first sign that the Beavers were going to have an exciting year.

The excitement continued with the defeat of Winona State and (at the time) No. 14 Wayne State. Although the game this past Saturday didn't end in our favor, it was truly a college football game that all fans dream of:: a true emotional rollercoaster, excitement the whole way through, against the defending national champions University of Minnesota-Duluth (currently ranked No. 7 in the nation), where the bulldogs barely escaped victory.

Whether it was a win or a loss, the Beavers have played every game this year with passion, perseverance, hard work and resilience. They should be proud of themselves, Bemidji State should be proud of them, and the city of Bemidji should be proud of them for representing our city.

The Beaver football players (as well as all Beaver athletes) do so much for our community and schools. Volunteering in the classroom, cleaning up parks, helping kids with summer recreation programs are just a few to name. If you see a Beaver athlete, whether they are a player for football, hockey, volleyball, soccer, or any sport, honor, congratulate and support them for not only their efforts on the team and in the classroom, but also their efforts in the community.

Although our home schedule has ended, the Beavers have games remaining on the road. If you can't make it to the remaining football games or other Beaver athletic games, please find a way to show your support to these fine young men and women! Go Beavers! Forever your fans,

Kim, Caden and Beth Bolte