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Time to focus on the real causes of family breakups

In reading the article about the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America actions regarding the homosexual issue, I feel the need to reply. I am overwhelmed with the Christian church's misplaced concern with homosexuals. They are an extreme minority composing 1 to 2 percent of the population. They are a threat to no one.

The concern over the dissolution of the family and of marriage should be oriented to infidelity, adultery and promiscuity. The Bible has much to say about these factors, and I see no concern being expressed regarding these elements which are so prominent in our society.

Also, thousands of children die of starvation every day, and here we Christians exert so much of our energy on something which is completely unimportant. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

What will it take to get us lovers of humanity to do more than give a pittance to alleviate such a tragic affair? What percentage of our church's budgets do we extend to the starving in the world? How can we go on ignoring the gaunt faces and bulging eyes of children along with their empty stomachs screaming for a morsel?

Love one another as Christ loves us. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Baloney! Just words without actions!

I am poor as far as the IRS is concerned. I live below the poverty level. Yet I contribute to my church's World Hunger Appeal. I am going to double my efforts in hope of inspiring Christians and our churches to double their contributions.

Please, fellow Christians, quite expending so much of your energy on the insignificant and make a difference in a starving child's life and begin focusing on the real causes of the breakup of families. Please!

Rev. Gerald C. "Jeb" Monge