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Bad behavior should be corrected of any race

I would also like to respond to Richard Peterson's letter. He started out so intelligently and when I reached the part where he started slamming native American people as a whole for the actions of an individual, I realized that there needs to be a Race Council of Northern Minnesota because this extends beyond just Bemidji.

I saw that racism is alive under that thin veneer of politeness. Northome is not far from us and yet Peterson does not know the history of the region. He sees conspiracy theories or subliminal messages in the Red Lake logo, while studying local or Minnesota history would explain what happened.

There are many caring, selfless people in the native communities; when you see this theft happening and you say nothing, this is apathy. As a community member it is up to us to speak up over injustices. If he was afraid, he could have alerted store staff. I am native American, I work in a store and I speak up when I see this happen. Maybe I am the only one in this person's life who tells them this is wrong and because I speak up, someone now knows what is right and wrong.

Candace LaGou

Red Lake